Ramakrishna Mission Narottam Nagar
Ramakrishna Mission Narottam Nagar
(A Branch Centre of Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, Howrah)
Other Units

There is a relentless need of bakery products for the Ashrama. From this bakery different types of biscuit, bread and other confectionary are continuously supplied to meet the requirement of the boys and other inmates.

Dairy & Poultry Keeping

To meet the internal demands for milk and poultry products the Ashrama maintains a Dairy and Poultry in modern methods. The lion portion of the products of these units is utilized for the residential students and the rest of them go to the staff.


The Ashrama has a fishery within its premises from which fishes are being utilized for the consumption of the students and other inmates. 

Power and Water

These two essential needs are being mostly fulfilled by the Ashrama’s own arrangements of DG Sets and Water Treatment Plant respectively.


These areas being essentially dependent of agricultural activities for survival, farming of different types happens to be one of the most important aspects of life. Bearing the fact that ecological balance is an indispensable requirement for good farming; the Ashrama prefers using organic manure for its work. As such, there is a unit of Vermicompost that fulfils the needs of manure that is being used in the agricultural fields of the Ashrama.


The vacant land available is being utilized for vegetable gardens, tea gardens, coffee gardens, fruit gardens, flower gardens and so on. Fruits, vegetables and flower produce is consumed by the the Ashrama entirely. Mushroom is also being cultivated for the consumption of the Ashrama. Local poor people are employed in these gardens, providing them with a means of earnings.

Land Protection
The Institution is situated on the bank of Buridehing, a hill river. Moreover, a few rivulets also pass through the campus. The tremendous flow of water, particularly in rainy season, creates lot of land erosion. For this reason land protection measures are a must.